Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Playlist for “What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music” - Jan.29, 2013 1. Henry Franklin-Love Song for Midori- June Night-SPK 2. Julie Monley-Anyone Who Had A Heart-Straight Up-Dazzle 3. Madeline Eastman/Randy Porter-You Are All I Need-A Quiet Thing-MadKat 4. Jose James-Heaven On The Ground-No Beginning, No End-Bluenote 5. Sheryl Bailey-Wilkinsburg-For All Those Living-Puremusic 6. Jennifer Graham- Summertime-Vocally Yours-Birth 7. Gary Bartz-On A Misty Night-There Goes The Neighborhood-Candid 8. Gary Bartz-Soulstice-Live @ The Jazz Standard-OYO 9. Wayne Shorter-Orbits-Without A Net-Bluenote 10. Sumi Tonooka-Evidence-Now-ARC 11. Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra-Bloom-Inatnas 12. Brian Charette-Equal Opportunity-Music for Organ Sextette-Steeplechase 13. Eric Wyatt-If Only I Had Know-The Blueprint-Self 14. Anthony Branker&Ascent-For Woody & Bu-Together-Origin 15. Ben Sidran-Dying Anyway-Don’t Cry For No Hipster-Unlimited Media

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Playlist for the 6 Hour marathon of "What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music" Sunday, Nov. 25 - Noon to 6 PM....1. Shelly Berg-The Will-CARS 2. Joe Chambers- Theme from M Squad-Live at Dizzys Cola Cola Club-Savant 3. Bobby Watson-May I Help You-The Gates BBQ-Suite-BW 4. Ron Carter's Great Big Band-Caravan-Sunnyside 5. Greg Abate-Marny-featuring Phil Woods-Rhombus 6. Claire Daly- Teo-Baritone Monk-North Coast 7. Bruce Barth-Final Push-3Things of Beauty-Savant 8.George Cables-You're My Everything-My Muse-Highnote 9. Harold Mabern- Mr. Lucky-Highnote 10. Eric Vaughn-Minor Relocation-Broken Time 11. Bernie Senensky-Blues for EJ-PM 12. Stacey Kent-Waters of March-Bluenote 13. Elizabeth Sheperd-Prelude to a Kiss-Linus 14. Kurt Rosenwinkel- Heavenly Bodies-Star of Jupiter-WOMMUSIC 15. Albare iTD- Moving On-enja 16. Interview w Caroline Davis w. selections from her "Live, Work & Play" CD 17. Andrea Brachfeld-Eye of the Hurricane-Lady of the Island- Zoho 18. George Gilliam- Isotope-Steppin Lightly- SP 19. JD Allen-Santa Maria-The Matador & The Bull-Savant 20. Chico Freeman-Think On Me-Elvin Jones Project-Jive 21. Fly-Festival Tune-Year of the Snake-ECM 22.Pharez Whitted-If The Could Only See-For the People-Origin 23. Tia Fuller-Royston Rumble-Angelic Warrior-Mac ave PART 2 of Playlist for "What This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures In Modern Music" 6 Hours Marathon Sunday, Nov 25 Noon to 6 PM 25. Ernest Khabeer Dawkins-Juju-Afro Straight-Delmark 26. Interview and music from G G.calvin Weston from his CDs Cosmic Miles; Of Alien Feelings and Play it Loud 27. Eric Person- And Then There Was Light-Thoughts on God- Distinction 28. Clifton Anderson - Mitsuru-And So We Carry On- Daywood Drive 29. Eric Scott Reed Round Midnight- Savant 30 Donald Harrison-Quantum Leap-FOMP 31. Christopher McBride-Four-Quatuor De Force-CR 32. Jae Sinnett -Love for Sale- Still Standing-J-Nett 33. Alan Rosenthal- Gimme Some-Just Sayin-AR 34. Kait Dunton- Mountain-The Mountain Suite-realandimagined music 35. Christopher Alpair-Utsukushi-The Jazz Expression-Behip 36. Dudley Owens/Aaron Wright-People Calling-Origin 37. Vitaly Golovnev - Brown Ballad- What Matters-Tippin 38 Ritchie Vitale- Vitaology- Gut String 39. Native Soul- One Mind- American Showplace 40. Avery Sharpe-Isabella's Awakening-Ain't I a Woman- JKNM 41. Jeremy Khan-enchillada Baby- Joy Road-Motema

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interviews for 2012

Interviews for the Year 2012 Jan. 22nd Sun. Larry Tamanini /Yoko Miwa/Maureen Choi Feb. 3th Fri. Ghasem Batamuntu Feb. 5th Sun. No Show Feb. 19th - Sun. Rasul Karim/Les Goodson//Nathan Brown Mar. 4th - Sun Gerry Beaudoin/Alejandro Mar. 18 - Sun -Doug Hammond/Adam Rudolph/ Apr. 1 - Sun Mark Sherman/ Ernie Krivda Apr. 3 - Tues - No Interviews Apr. 15- Sun- Johnny Padilla Apr. 24 -Tues - Dawan Muhammad Apr 29 - Sun -Adam Rudolph/Gunnar Mossblad May 3 - Thurs - Aruan Ortiz/Marlene Rosenberg/ Joel Miller (No Show) May 13 - Sun - Wayne Escoffery May 23- Wed- Noon-3 PM -Dominic Duval/ Al Naylor May 27 - Sun- Marshall Gilkes/Wallace Roney June10 - Sun- Nancy Reed/Dennis Rollins/Keith Loftus June 12 - Tues- Eric Reed/Todd Bishop June 21 - Thurs- Destiny Muhammad/Carol Robbins June 24 -Sun- Dan Cavanaugh/Avery Sharpe July 8-Sun- Florian Hoefner/ James Leary July 19-Thurs-Milton Suggs/C.Siddha Webber July 22-Sun-Ben Haugland July 30- Mon-Walt Weiskopf/Ken Chaney Aug 3 - Fri- Randal Maurice Jelks/Min Michael Muhammad Aug 5 OFF DAY Aug 6 9-Noon- No Interviews Aug 19 Sun -Alan Rosenthal/Richard Sussman Aug 29 Wed /Eric Vaughn Sept 2 Sun- Kris Berg/Marty Krystall Sept.3 Mon- Margaret Murphy Sept. 10 Mon- All Music Sept 16 Sun-Skip Norris/Joanie Pallato& Sparrow Sept 17- Mon- Eric Person/Dudley Owens Sept 21 Fri Atheists/Scientology (Ayanna Watson/Ishmael Bey) Sept 25 Tues - Christopher McBride/Bernie Senensky Sept 30 Sun- Daniel Ian Smith/Lee Smith Oct 14 Sun- Brian Charette/G. Calvin Weston

Playlist for 8/29/2012

I would like to thank my guest pianist Eric Vaughn for great interview Wed. night...Playlist for 'What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music" 1. Interview with Eric Vaughn - and selections from his CD "Minor Relocation" 2. Marquis Hill-Inner Ciy Blues-MH Music 3. Smithology- Apple Minor Blues- The Tender Touch- Intimate Contact 4. Stan Hope-R.D.'s Blues- Put On a Happy Face-Savant 5. Yoron Israel -Another Star-High Standards- YI 6. Chico Freeman-Think On Me- Elvin - Jive 7. Willis Jackson & Von Freeman-POW- Locking Horns- 32 Jazz 8. Yusef Lateef & Von Freeman - Swing Lee- Tenors - YAL 9. Chico Freeman & Von Freeman- Softly As In a Morning Sunrise-Live at the Bluenote-

Playlist for 9/24/2012

Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music" - Tues. Sept. 24, 2012 1. Interview w. Christopher McBride & selections from his CD, "Quatour De Force" 2. Brian Charette-Computer God-Music for Organ Sextette-Steeplechase 3. Marty Krystall-Blood Count-Liquid Krystall Displayed-K2B2 4. Andrea Brachfeld- Hurricane- Lady of the Island-Zoho 5. Carol Robbins- Straight Away-Moraga-Jazzcats 6. Interview w. Bernie Senensky w. selections from his CD "Invitation"-PM 7. Lee Smith-Front & Center- Sittin' On a Secret-LS Music 8.Clifton Anderson-Mitsuru-And so We carry On-Daywood Drive 9. David Weiss & Point of Departure-Revillot-Snuck Out-Sunnyside