Saturday, February 23, 2008

Downbeat Critics Poll 2008

It's that time of year again, The Downbeat Critics Poll ballots will be due come April 2008. I've voted since 1980 and I enjoy it year after year (even though I've probably missed one or two years).
I ususally get friends and associates to help out. Jog the cobwebs of my fragile jazz mind. So I would like to put it out there -HELP!!!
Please send in all and any suggestions for addition. Any and everybody will be considered.
Max Roach is a no brainer for the Hall of Fame and I'm seriously giving a nod to Barry Harris and Yusef Lateef. No Hall of Famers that should been in there long ago.

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emenari3 said...

For the CD's Of The Year Downbeat has a slot for 3 Recordings...Mine are....1. Gregg August Sextet-One Peace-Iacuessa 2. Adam Shulman Quartet- On Second Thought-Kabocha 3. Billy Bang- Above and Beyond-Justin Time