Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Ted Pankin Call

Ted Pankin is in my humble jazz opinion the best writer on jazz today! Even though I might not always agree with his conclusions, etc. The guy can flat out write.
In fact, I'd like to get in touch with him.
We met when I first came to WHPK FM and he and another DJ canadian Gene Pacquette hosted a brilliant show. That was 1976.
I last saw Ted in 1985 or so on a visit to New York. At the time he and jazz-o-phile Russ Musto were room mates. Russ is a great guy and a knowledgeable jazzer. But Ted has done himself proud by being on the pulse of the music in New York. His tomes in the pages of Downbeat are always worth the read.
Can someone help me hook up with my old buddy Ted Pankin?

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emenari3 said...

Thanks to all who've led Ted to my Blog Door.