Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Killer Jazz

In the late 70s I used to head out to a jazz haunt over on the west side. a place called, 'Kitty-O's on west North avenue. A non-discript run-of-the-mill tavern that hosted drummer Gerald Ried's quartet jam session every Sunday nite. Reid, whom I called one of the laziest drummers in the world could muster some great groups around him. He'd have the protean tenor saxist Chuck Woodfolk and bop master pianist Warren Dennis most of the time. And a young violinist/alto sax player right out of high school Tony Eaton was a regular. The AIDs virus would claim Eaton before he hit 30 years old.
Any number of saxophonists would sauter in the place including the wild pair of Alan Johnson and the incredible Floyd Lloyd Jackson. But none more fascinated than a rather diminutive fellow who went by the muslim name of Jamaljah Aliwoli. An alto sax man Aliwoli would have this crazy eyed glaze whenever playing his Bird-like phraseology. He'd often speak to me and never smiled. He seemed to after time drift off the jazz scene. And I'd often wondered what happened to him. This article provides a clue...

Monday, Apr. 11, 1988
American Notes CHICAGO
In the tough Englewood neighborhood of Chicago's South Side, Anne Claxton stands out for her bravery. The 44-year-old mother was returning to her home from a medical clinic when ex-Con Jamaljah Aliwoli opened fire on two rookie patrolmen who had stopped him for a traffic violation. Patrolman Daniel Duffy fell wounded, and Aliwoli shot wildly at the other officer, Gregory Matura. After wounding Matura, Aliwoli turned and began hunting for Duffy with his .357 Magnum. But Claxton dashed between them, hiding Duffy as the gunman went past. The gunman stared at her before heading straight toward a police ambush a few blocks away. The young housewife has taken the accolades in stride. Says she: "There is nothing heroic about saving the life of another human being when we are all human beings."

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emenari3 said...

Needless to say Aliwoli is doing 'hard time' in the federal pen downstate.