Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nightmare on Hubbard Street

It's been a while since I'd been down to Andy's jazz pub. It's always been a nice, congenial jazz room with not a bad seat in the house. In fact, I used to live just two blocks west at 109 west Hubbard from 1979 to 1981 at which time I operated a jazz loft, Aziza Artist Space. I was a regular at Andy's then.
I have not been to Andy's in some years when I went down to check out reedist Juli Wood and legendary organist Mel Rhyne back in 2002. So I was excited when new tenor sax star Ben Jansson invited me down two weeks ago. It was his Chicago debut and he was a guest on my radio program a week prior.
Much to my chagrin I was rudely turned away upon arriving at Andy's front door. The person at the door, acting much the storm trooper dominatrix told me there were no guests on the list! I politely insisted even with my Chicago police media issued ID clearly visible. No soap.
Perhaps Andy's does have a 'no guest policy' I certainly wasn't going to argue with the lady.
Let me take that back she wasn't no 'lady'.
In fact she completely ignored me once two other patrons entered the lobby. So I just slinked away from her 'top of the mountain' presence, banished never to return again.
And now that I think about it...I can't see me going back to Andy's again. And this upcoming week I'll let my listeners know. Watch out for the guardians at the jazz door of Andy's.

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