Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vince Seneri-The Prince's Groove-CD Review

As much as I love the renewed interest in the promence of the jazz organ, particularly the Hammond B3 I'd have to admit that organ recordings are running a dime-a-dozen these days. Just like piano trios there is a virtual glut of pedestrian session sprouting all over the place.
Don't get me wrong. with each new jazz recording I am in deep anticipation awaiting to hear something new and fresh.
I've got some favorites....give me a new Bill Heid disc, or a Radam Schwartz, Trudy Pitts and I certainly dug Sam Yahel's adventurous musings. Guys that make the few and far between recordings challenging and don't choke at the opportunity.
For a few year now I've come across the recordings of Vince Seneri and I've yet to be impressed. I've asked, what does he bring to the wide table of jazz organ history?
This is no slam nor put down for he is a fine organist. His newest release, 'The Prince's Groove' (PVR), leaves one wanting and the biggest hook are the heavyweight crew on board with him including Dave Valentine, Randy Brecker and Houston Person. And who can't have a jazz organ record without Houston Person?!!
Truth be told, this date suffers from a 'mass consumptive appeal syndrome', a malady of which strain burst forth from the infectious master himself Charles Earland. This is not a bad thing. Quite the contrary. It's just that its not remarkable nor distinctive and quite forgettable. Just because in these time of jazz organ enthusiatic groups and fan clubs blossoming all over the internet does that mean that every jazz organ recording is greeted a something special. Not here. Value is in the ear of the behearer.

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