Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CD REVIEW? Sabetooth - Dr. Midnight-Live @ The Green Mill

CD - Review...Sabertooth - Dr. Midnight/Live at the Green Mill (Delmark)
What a fun group this is! Merriment abounds.
Sabertooth is a died-in-the-wool Chicago institution. Having been rooted in the hallowed halls of the Green Mill for over a decade
Sabertooth is comprised of joint saxists Pat Mallinger and Cameron Pfiffner; along with a wailing rhythm team of organist Pete Benson
and swing meister drummer Ted Sirota.
From the opening bell to the ending refrain the guys exude that refreshing buoyancy, washing every soul within earshot. Their repertoire is huge, whipping out a mixed bag of traditional ditties like, 'Mary Jane' where Mallinger Coltranes his way around to standard covers, "it's Surely Gonna Flop if it Ain't Got that Bop' based on the changes of Duke's 'It Don't Mean a Thing If it Ain't Got that Swing'. Beginning
with soul drenched 'Blues for C Piff' get things rip roaring. But the absolute 'killer' is their rendition of Cahn & Hefti's 'Odd Couple'. It a classic. Whenever in Chicago on a Saturday nite be sure to go by the Green Mill and catch these men in action. You won't be disappointed. Sabertooth is not your A-typical jazz organ combo and it is a danm mystery for all envolved that this is their first recording. And won't be their last!

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