Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Where to Cop CD's"???

Canvasing the Chicago area for CD's is an adventure if one does not know to properly look. Seek and ye shall find treasure troves of delight! Ah, the music!
I am often asked, "where can I find this and that CD?"
The best place in town, perhpas the country is hands down, The Jazz Record Mart. They handle mail orders. They have a tremendous vinyl collection. But they're used bins are a virtual gold mine. From new releases to out of print items the used bins are the first place I check. Plus the prices are very competitive. Long time manager Ron Bierma is very knowledgable in all areas of jazz. The whole staff, including Travers Gauntt, Chad, and new avant tenor sax star Keefe Jackson will make you feel welcome. I love going there and spending time digging through the used bins. You can always find something! The Jazz Record Mart is heaven.
Next up is the out of the way but well worth the drive is Chicago Compact Disc. Located in Oak Park CCD is rather homey and up-close and personal. Not a big place but it packs a whallup! it's prices on new releases boaders on the high end but it's used discs are on pace with the the JRM. The manager Chris is no slouch when it comes to jazz and particularly classical genre.
The third best place belongs to Reckless Records on north Broadway and its sister store on north Milwaukee. Cool prices on used stuff.
Honorable mention goes to 2nd Hand Tunes of Hyde Park in Harper's Court. A bit pricy though.
With any of these haunts you won't go wrong.

Steve Hashimoto's "In The Trenches"

Speaking of having a good grasp of the pulse of jazz in the must get a subscription to bassist Steve Hashimoto's, 'In The Trenches...'. It's a lively weekly digest of Steve's views of the Chicago jazz scene, with emphasis on the northside and his gigging jobs. The guy is and has to be the city's foremost undervalued historian. And he's not 60 years young yet! And he's opinionated. Makes for great reading.

Let him know you read about here!