Saturday, March 8, 2008

3 Keys to a Great CD Session

Here are some tangible guidelines to discovering the brilliance of music through listening. While not comprehensive by any means enjoying great music oft times can be a discernable endeavor.
Many discs cross my desk on a weekly basis - some good, some not so good. Yet all share these 3 qualities...
A. The Tunes: A selective program of standards or originals carries the heaviest weight of any session. The choice of compositions are paramount in any recorded session.
B. The Arrangements: How many sessions seem lackluster and without excitement? Just how are those tunes arranged within the parameters of the players musical abilities? Good solid arrangement add a flavor that last a lifetime.
C. The Players: Finally the session ultimately comes down to and depends on the musicians and music they interpret. Even an A Team line-up can just 'go through the motions' and offer up a dull uneven recording. But a B or even C Team can produce a thing of beauty given they adhere to the first two keys outlined here.