Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sachs Is Sacked

Got this little tid bit from the ezine newsletter, Southport News & Commentary...

Lost Jazz Man Lloyd Sachs...
See what happens when you write jazz and features for over 20 years for the Sun-Times? Well if you are our man Sachs, and you get "bumped" upstairs to the hallowed editorial board, you end up fired! All artists will miss the craggy humor of Mr. Sachs... after he was let go last month. Is this the same company that sold its riverside downtown land to Donald Trump and moved its printing plant? Hey corporate cats, ever heard of leasing to billionaires? Lloyd we hope you end up at The New York Times!
It was with a bit of angst that I digested this information. While in these times of being Bush-wacked no one wants to see anyone lose his or her j-o-b. But when it comes to Lloyd Sachs...hmmm. Certifiably, Sachs for my hard earned money was just about the worst jazz writer/reviewer I'd ever read. His reviews were always full of sanctimonious misgivings that often bespoke of what he didn't know about music, let alone jazz. I can remember writing an opinion piece back in the 80s for the Chicago Observer entitled, 'Let's Sack Sachs'. God only knows why we hadn't been privy to his so-called jazz criticism for the past decade. Could it be that the Sun Times finally realized he didn't know what the hell he was doing and kicked, not "bumped" Sachs 'upstairs'?
"Craggy humor?" You mean "craggy" as in 'full of holes?
Once he ceased reviewing jazz then it was onto the movies. Of all the nerve muscling in on the hallowed ground of Roger Ebert! But even that dalliance halted. Somebody at the Sun Times wasn't fooled.
Now we get the word that Sachs is being unceremoniously dumped by the Sun Times. Here's hoping he gets a job. I'll bet a stack of old Downbeat magazines it ain't being a jazz writer/reviewer. We've seen that act before and it wore thin. Woefully thin. Thin enough for a hole in the sachs.

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