Friday, April 18, 2008

A Touch of Jazz at the Plaza Hotel

Several Jazz Musicians Recorded for Unique Music Installation

New York City – Ariel Blumenthal, Composer and Founding Director of Sentient Music for Media, today announces the completion of his customized, site-specific project for the newly renovated Plaza Hotel. This multi-faceted production combines Blumenthal’s original music and a sophisticated Meyer Sound system embedded into the hotel’s architecture. Blumenthal, an L.A.-based composer known for seasoning his traditional, acoustic sounds with digital and electronic elements, produced over three hours of music: 1.5 hours of big band, Sinatra-style music performed by large ensembles for the lobby and adjacent hallways; and two hours of electronica and chill-out remixes for the mezzanine bar and lounge areas. Recorded works include jazz pieces featuring members of the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, and soloists Avisahi Cohen (trumpet), Anat Cohen (sax and clarinet), and Misha Piategorsky. After composing new works for seven months, recording 73 varying musicians in Los Angeles, New York, Prague, Las Vegas and Israel, collaborating with both Gal Nauer Architects and Meyer Sound for six months, and completing a two-week mixing session at the hotel, this one-of-a-kind, $1 million project brings a dynamic, multi-mix musical experience to the hotel. Complementing the Plaza’s contemporary revamping, this marks the first hotel in the world to implement this highly advanced sound and design structure.
Using Sentient Music for Media’s original Layers & Loops system of composition, Blumenthal produced a dynamic audio track which reflects his exploration of different treatments in terms of space and perception of dimension. Delivery is handled by a Meyer Sound system comprised of 116 palm-sized MM-4 miniature loudspeakers, six UPM-1P loudspeakers, and a Matrix3™ audio show control system equipped with Wild Tracks™ hard disk playback and SpaceMap® multichannel surround panning. Matrix3 is a fully integrated digital audio environment that provides a flexible automated control structure for the soundscape which subtly enhances the hotel guests’ experience as they walk through the Plaza.
“When you enter the main lobby, you experience the full, more energetic arrangement,” explains Blumenthal. “As you walk by the desk, through the elevator lobby and towards the 58th street entrance, you gradually experience a more mellow, intimate arrangement, manifested in different instruments, levels and other musical properties, without ever losing the sense of continuity.“
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