Sunday, May 25, 2008

Houston Person w. Ron Carter- Just Between Friends

When two masters of their art meet it is always a cause for reveled acclimation. 'Just Between Friends (High Note)' is just one of those occasions where friends are more than just friends, but mutual minds that meet and greet each other, their worlds combine. They sit and pow-wow! They sip from a shared sacred chalice of smooth vermouth.

Carter and Person met, on record back in 1989, "for the first of four duo" recordings and the rest they say, 'is history'. Within this very intimate setting both men are quite relaxed and ready. They converse over a slate of tunes such as the wonderful treatment of 'How Deep is The Ocean' to a wild card in 'Blueberry Hill', tenderly touching is 'Always' and the unforgettable version of 'Alone Together' is a standout.

And while this recording may hide neath the radar for many of the average listener be fore warned, 'this is a valued recording not to miss'.