Tuesday, July 27, 2010






I gaze behind the Rainbow

to the Rivers edge

where you solemnly bathe.

Invoking a longing to be both

soap and sponge

Coveting your very towel.

Blue and Purple asters chaperon

your steps towards me,

enfolding each twinkling

of the Sun, Moon & Stars 

draped as Our canopy

above us. Your aroma

tranquilizes my dreams,  

 and I anoint your feet

with precious oils of Hyacinthe,

 herbs of Rue and Rosemary.

I gaze behind the Rainbow

your chimera dazzles and intoxicates

as Starlings and Swallows hover.

The River flows

bejeweled after you've left

for the harbor of my arms.








L.A. Emenari, III


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