Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Solomon's Prosposal

Solomon's Proposal 



If I summoned 

flocks of Pink and Red Flamingos

to bring you here

Would you Come to me?


Just Asking...


If I seek the Grand Commision

of all Roses and Orchids

Would you wear their perfume for Me?


Just Asking...


If I snatched the 

Moon's Light and 

fashioned it into a gown

Would you don it for Me?


Just Asking... 


If I commanded a Horde

of Elephants to donate

their Ivory tusks for a throne

Would sit next to Me?


Just Asking...


If I ruled sovereign over

thousands of servants

dredging Earth's Silver, Diamonds & Gold

Would you adorn yourself for Me? 


Just Asking...


If I drained the Nile

pouring it into

A Golden Chalice

Would you drink with Me?


Just Asking...


If I sought the lush

Vineyards, Orchards and Green Valleys 

at the marbled table

Would you Sup with me?


Just Asking...


If I took Both Our Hearts

and Spiraled a Staircase

to the Stars

Would You Promise Yourself to Me...?


Just Asking...









2008 @ L.A. Emenari, III




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