Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Day Was That?


'What Day Was That...'?




Was it a week ago


We strolled, slowly

side by side.

You and that 

Mona Lisa muse.

Or perhaps it was


Siting real close 

to one another.

Me, wanting to

 nudge hands

 with yours.

Or Could it have been


Standing there

looking in the mirror,

you at me, me at you.

 Undressing hurriedly.

Nope! It's gotta be


Both spread Eagle

cross the living room floor

frivolously delighting 

in games of jax & cards.

Or what about...


We lit up the kitchen,

with savor, tang and flavor.

First you tasting, 

then my nose to the pot.

Yeah, right, it had to be


Laying so close,

so close we could

hear each other breath

Our prayers of








2009 @ L.A. Emenari, III


The Dancers


The Dancers





Sumptuous notes surround

their movements

like silken smoke wafting

from a flame.

Their entwined hands,

heels and hearts 
spun hypnotic pirouettes

woven by Marvin Gaye's

insatiable passion

and Peabo's power paced

love pull.

Their bodies whirl

and oscillate

as if driven by a Godly

motor hidden away

in their heads. 

The clock on the wall


Not their steps

but the beats in their


Glowing so,

circulating syncopated


only they feel

on the crowded floor.







Copyright@ 2008 -

L.A. Emenari, III









I gaze behind the Rainbow

to the Rivers edge

where you solemnly bathe.

Invoking a longing to be both

soap and sponge

Coveting your very towel.

Blue and Purple asters chaperon

your steps towards me,

enfolding each twinkling

of the Sun, Moon & Stars 

draped as Our canopy

above us. Your aroma

tranquilizes my dreams,  

 and I anoint your feet

with precious oils of Hyacinthe,

 herbs of Rue and Rosemary.

I gaze behind the Rainbow

your chimera dazzles and intoxicates

as Starlings and Swallows hover.

The River flows

bejeweled after you've left

for the harbor of my arms.








L.A. Emenari, III


Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues





Put my Tongue to your Mouth

So that I might taste the

Words of your heart.


Put my Tongue to your Breast

feeding me as you did

the Hungry.


Put my Tongue to your Hands & Limbs

so weight & burden

will be light. 


Put my Tongue to your Navel & Womb

so that I hear

Children's singing smiles.


Put my Tongue to your Feet

so that I smooth

your pilgrimage safely.


Put my Tongue to your Back, Shoulders & Neck

so that I leisure

your rest at evening tide.


Put my Tongue to your Ears & Forehead

so that my Whispers

strengthen & resolve. 


Put my Tongue to your Eyes

that I may silently capture

your image, frame by frame

by Frame.





Copyright @ 2008

L.A. Emenari, III



Solomon's Prosposal

Solomon's Proposal 



If I summoned 

flocks of Pink and Red Flamingos

to bring you here

Would you Come to me?


Just Asking...


If I seek the Grand Commision

of all Roses and Orchids

Would you wear their perfume for Me?


Just Asking...


If I snatched the 

Moon's Light and 

fashioned it into a gown

Would you don it for Me?


Just Asking... 


If I commanded a Horde

of Elephants to donate

their Ivory tusks for a throne

Would sit next to Me?


Just Asking...


If I ruled sovereign over

thousands of servants

dredging Earth's Silver, Diamonds & Gold

Would you adorn yourself for Me? 


Just Asking...


If I drained the Nile

pouring it into

A Golden Chalice

Would you drink with Me?


Just Asking...


If I sought the lush

Vineyards, Orchards and Green Valleys 

at the marbled table

Would you Sup with me?


Just Asking...


If I took Both Our Hearts

and Spiraled a Staircase

to the Stars

Would You Promise Yourself to Me...?


Just Asking...









2008 @ L.A. Emenari, III