Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jeff Palmer-Permutation- Rank Records

Having never comes across the name Jeff Palmer before I was somewhat taken aback at his resume and body of work. That’s OK though. There are many such artists who seem to hover just below the radar of the mainstream. On the other hand he’s recorded with some heavyweights along the way and this new offering, “Permutation” is further documentation of a seemingly ‘working’ band. Granted the music wherein is not my tastes as far organ trio sessions go. I love organ trios. Funky, down home, gut bucket, chicken shack organ trios. And some of the new space age avenues of a Sun Ra and progressives like Larry Young and Sam Yahel. And despite its alluring CD jacket tapestry of space ships descending upon not only the Egyptian pyramids but Aztec as well, this music is nowhere near other worldly. Altoist Devin Garramone is amped up and reeling out some patented Marshal Allen screams and riffs. However that where the comparisons end. The tunes are all a seamless stream of mechanically monotonous formulaic pablum. Repeated listening made me want to scream: ENOUGH ALREADY!!!