Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Playlist for the 6 Hour marathon of "What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music" Sunday, Nov. 25 - Noon to 6 PM....1. Shelly Berg-The Will-CARS 2. Joe Chambers- Theme from M Squad-Live at Dizzys Cola Cola Club-Savant 3. Bobby Watson-May I Help You-The Gates BBQ-Suite-BW 4. Ron Carter's Great Big Band-Caravan-Sunnyside 5. Greg Abate-Marny-featuring Phil Woods-Rhombus 6. Claire Daly- Teo-Baritone Monk-North Coast 7. Bruce Barth-Final Push-3Things of Beauty-Savant 8.George Cables-You're My Everything-My Muse-Highnote 9. Harold Mabern- Mr. Lucky-Highnote 10. Eric Vaughn-Minor Relocation-Broken Time 11. Bernie Senensky-Blues for EJ-PM 12. Stacey Kent-Waters of March-Bluenote 13. Elizabeth Sheperd-Prelude to a Kiss-Linus 14. Kurt Rosenwinkel- Heavenly Bodies-Star of Jupiter-WOMMUSIC 15. Albare iTD- Moving On-enja 16. Interview w Caroline Davis w. selections from her "Live, Work & Play" CD 17. Andrea Brachfeld-Eye of the Hurricane-Lady of the Island- Zoho 18. George Gilliam- Isotope-Steppin Lightly- SP 19. JD Allen-Santa Maria-The Matador & The Bull-Savant 20. Chico Freeman-Think On Me-Elvin Jones Project-Jive 21. Fly-Festival Tune-Year of the Snake-ECM 22.Pharez Whitted-If The Could Only See-For the People-Origin 23. Tia Fuller-Royston Rumble-Angelic Warrior-Mac ave PART 2 of Playlist for "What This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures In Modern Music" 6 Hours Marathon Sunday, Nov 25 Noon to 6 PM 25. Ernest Khabeer Dawkins-Juju-Afro Straight-Delmark 26. Interview and music from G G.calvin Weston from his CDs Cosmic Miles; Of Alien Feelings and Play it Loud 27. Eric Person- And Then There Was Light-Thoughts on God- Distinction 28. Clifton Anderson - Mitsuru-And So We Carry On- Daywood Drive 29. Eric Scott Reed Round Midnight- Savant 30 Donald Harrison-Quantum Leap-FOMP 31. Christopher McBride-Four-Quatuor De Force-CR 32. Jae Sinnett -Love for Sale- Still Standing-J-Nett 33. Alan Rosenthal- Gimme Some-Just Sayin-AR 34. Kait Dunton- Mountain-The Mountain Suite-realandimagined music 35. Christopher Alpair-Utsukushi-The Jazz Expression-Behip 36. Dudley Owens/Aaron Wright-People Calling-Origin 37. Vitaly Golovnev - Brown Ballad- What Matters-Tippin 38 Ritchie Vitale- Vitaology- Gut String 39. Native Soul- One Mind- American Showplace 40. Avery Sharpe-Isabella's Awakening-Ain't I a Woman- JKNM 41. Jeremy Khan-enchillada Baby- Joy Road-Motema

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interviews for 2012

Interviews for the Year 2012 Jan. 22nd Sun. Larry Tamanini /Yoko Miwa/Maureen Choi Feb. 3th Fri. Ghasem Batamuntu Feb. 5th Sun. No Show Feb. 19th - Sun. Rasul Karim/Les Goodson//Nathan Brown Mar. 4th - Sun Gerry Beaudoin/Alejandro Mar. 18 - Sun -Doug Hammond/Adam Rudolph/ Apr. 1 - Sun Mark Sherman/ Ernie Krivda Apr. 3 - Tues - No Interviews Apr. 15- Sun- Johnny Padilla Apr. 24 -Tues - Dawan Muhammad Apr 29 - Sun -Adam Rudolph/Gunnar Mossblad May 3 - Thurs - Aruan Ortiz/Marlene Rosenberg/ Joel Miller (No Show) May 13 - Sun - Wayne Escoffery May 23- Wed- Noon-3 PM -Dominic Duval/ Al Naylor May 27 - Sun- Marshall Gilkes/Wallace Roney June10 - Sun- Nancy Reed/Dennis Rollins/Keith Loftus June 12 - Tues- Eric Reed/Todd Bishop June 21 - Thurs- Destiny Muhammad/Carol Robbins June 24 -Sun- Dan Cavanaugh/Avery Sharpe July 8-Sun- Florian Hoefner/ James Leary July 19-Thurs-Milton Suggs/C.Siddha Webber July 22-Sun-Ben Haugland July 30- Mon-Walt Weiskopf/Ken Chaney Aug 3 - Fri- Randal Maurice Jelks/Min Michael Muhammad Aug 5 OFF DAY Aug 6 9-Noon- No Interviews Aug 19 Sun -Alan Rosenthal/Richard Sussman Aug 29 Wed /Eric Vaughn Sept 2 Sun- Kris Berg/Marty Krystall Sept.3 Mon- Margaret Murphy Sept. 10 Mon- All Music Sept 16 Sun-Skip Norris/Joanie Pallato& Sparrow Sept 17- Mon- Eric Person/Dudley Owens Sept 21 Fri Atheists/Scientology (Ayanna Watson/Ishmael Bey) Sept 25 Tues - Christopher McBride/Bernie Senensky Sept 30 Sun- Daniel Ian Smith/Lee Smith Oct 14 Sun- Brian Charette/G. Calvin Weston

Playlist for 8/29/2012

I would like to thank my guest pianist Eric Vaughn for great interview Wed. night...Playlist for 'What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music" 1. Interview with Eric Vaughn - and selections from his CD "Minor Relocation" 2. Marquis Hill-Inner Ciy Blues-MH Music 3. Smithology- Apple Minor Blues- The Tender Touch- Intimate Contact 4. Stan Hope-R.D.'s Blues- Put On a Happy Face-Savant 5. Yoron Israel -Another Star-High Standards- YI 6. Chico Freeman-Think On Me- Elvin - Jive 7. Willis Jackson & Von Freeman-POW- Locking Horns- 32 Jazz 8. Yusef Lateef & Von Freeman - Swing Lee- Tenors - YAL 9. Chico Freeman & Von Freeman- Softly As In a Morning Sunrise-Live at the Bluenote-

Playlist for 9/24/2012

Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music" - Tues. Sept. 24, 2012 1. Interview w. Christopher McBride & selections from his CD, "Quatour De Force" 2. Brian Charette-Computer God-Music for Organ Sextette-Steeplechase 3. Marty Krystall-Blood Count-Liquid Krystall Displayed-K2B2 4. Andrea Brachfeld- Hurricane- Lady of the Island-Zoho 5. Carol Robbins- Straight Away-Moraga-Jazzcats 6. Interview w. Bernie Senensky w. selections from his CD "Invitation"-PM 7. Lee Smith-Front & Center- Sittin' On a Secret-LS Music 8.Clifton Anderson-Mitsuru-And so We carry On-Daywood Drive 9. David Weiss & Point of Departure-Revillot-Snuck Out-Sunnyside

Playlist for 9/17/2012

Playlist for 9/17/2012 1 Interview w. Eric Person and selections from his CD, "Thoughts On God"- Distinction; 2. Curtis Fuller-C Hip's Blues-Down Home-Capri 3. Charles Davis- All Stars-A Tribute to Kenny Dorham-Sao Paolo-Live-TCB 4. Gerry Bea...udoin-The Return-Francesca 5. Nobuki Takamen-Greenwich Village Sometimes-Summit 6.Jon Hamar-Giant Steps/It Could Happen To You-Hymn-Origin. 7. Vincente Vicente Espi Nieto-Liberia-Tras Coltrane-Fresh New Sounds. 8. Rob Mazurek-Spiritual Mars-Stellar Pulsations-Delmark 9.Amina Figarova-Shut Eyes, Sea Waves-Twelve-In & Out 10. Daniel Ian Smith & The New World Composers Octet-Wishful Thinking-Breaking News-Big & Phat Jazz. 11.The Cookers-Ebony Moonbeams-Believe-Motema 12. Dudley Owens/Aaron Immanuel Wright-People Calling-Origin w. an Interview with Dudley Owens. 13. Mark Sherman-Far Away-THe L.A. Sessions-Miles High 14.Joy Road Sampler-Jeremy Khan-Dr. Deep-Motema 15.Yoron Israel-Another Star-Visions-Ronja Music 16. Nathan Brown-Burglar Alarm-Luminescent-Brownbass

Playlist for 9/21/2012

Tonight's Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures in Modern Music"; Fri.Sept. 21, 2012 1. Roger Davidson-Yesterdays-We Remember Helen-Soundbrush 2. Bernie Senensky-Blues For EJ-Invitation-PM Records 3. Marquis Hill-Inner City Blues-Sounds of the City MH Music 4. Jazz Four-Speak Low-Vol. 1- BlueRay 5. Andrea Brachfeld-Eye of the Hurricane-Lady of the Island-Zoho 6. Joe Blessett-Changing Everything-JB Music 7. Kat Parra-Nature Boy-las aventuras de pasion-JazzMa 8. Jose Negroni & Trio- Matices-AA Records 9. Ed Byrnes' Latin Jazz Evolution-Conquistador-Bluetruffle 10. Willie Woods-Go Down Moses-W&W 11.Carol Robbins-Buddy's Bite-Jazz Play-Jazzcats

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music" Top Recordings of the Year 2012 20. Jason Stein-The Story This Time- Delmark 19. Yoko Miwa-Live at Scullers-Yoko 18. Keith Loftis-Simply, Loftis-Lont Ton Music 18. Jimmy Halperin & Dominic Duval- Changing Tranes- CIMP 17. Todd Bishop-little played little Bird/The Music of Ornette Coleman-Origin 16.Dave Liebman/Nancy Reed-Neighbors-Vectordisc 15. Ernie Krivda-Blues For Pekar-Capri 14.Larry Vuckovich-Somethin' Special-Tetrachord Music 13. Maureen Choi- Quartet-MC 12. Alejandro Urzagaste-Urban Intervals- AU 11. Hendrik Meurkens-Live @ Bird's Eye-Zoho
"What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music" Top Ten Jazz Recordings of the Year.....10. Mark Colby-Yesterday's Gardenias-RCI 9. Dave Liebman Trio-Lieb Plays The Blues A La Trane- Daybreak 8.Ben Ben Haugland-Point of No Return-Dazzle 7. Wayne Escoffery-The only Son of One-Sunnyside 6. Wallace Roney-Home-Highnote 5. Stacey Kent-Dreamer In Concert-Bluenote 4. James Leary-Together-Lifeforcejazz 3. Kris Berg Jazz-This Time Last Year-MAMA 2. Joe Chambers Moving Pictures Orchestra-Live Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola-Savant And the No. 1 Recordings of the Year were split by Richard Sussman -Continuum-Origin and Eric Reed- The Baddest Monk-Savant.
Playlist for "What Is This This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures In Modern Music" Monday, Sept. 3rd 1. Tia Fuller-Royston Rumble-Mack St. 2. Native Soul-The Gathering 2 -American Showcase 3. Chico Freeman-Elvin-The Elvin Jones Project-Jive 4. Yoron Israel-Another Star-Visions-RJMC 5. Dr. Lonnie Smith-Mellow Mood-The Healer-Pilgrimage 6. Lionel Louke-Tribal Dance-Heritage-Bluenote 7.Milton Its Too Late-Lyrical-STM 8. Bill Anschell-All Blues-Origin 9.Eric Vaughn-Minor Relocation-Vaughn Music 10. Alan Rosenthal-Gimme Some-Just Sayin-AR 11. Cheryl Bentyne-Love For Sale-Let's Misbehave-Summit 12. Gregory Generet-Angel Eyes-Re-Generation-Monsieur 13. David Basse-The Blues Don't Care-Uptown-Cafe pacific 14. Margaret Murphy-Webb-Stolen Moments-In Full Bloom-Earth Tone 15. Stan Hope-Put On A Happy Face-Savant 16. Eric Person-Creation Celebration-Thoughts On God-Distinction 17. Avery Sharpe- NYC 1800-Sojourner Truth-JKNM 18. Rob Mazurek-Primitive jupiter-Pulsar Quartet-Delmark 19. Vlatkovich Tryyo- Our Costumes-phMentum 20. Billy Hart-Tolli's Dance-All Our Reasons-ECM 21.Klang-Blues Jay-Brooklyn Lines, Chicago Spaces-IC 22. Dudley Owens/Aaron Immanuel Wright- People Calling-Origin 23. Marquis Hill-Like Lee-Sounds of The City--Hill Music 24. Vitaly Golovnov-Brown Waltz-What Matters-Tippin 25. Richie Vitaly-Eulogy for Freddie- Vitalogy-Gut String 26. Elliott Caine-Defiance-Hippie Chicks On Acid-Wondercap 27. Jimmy Mulidore-A Time For Love-Jazz For The Ages- JM
Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures In Modern Music" Mon., 9/10/2010 - 9 AM- Noon 1. Tia Fuller-Royston Rumble-Angelic Warrior- Mack Ave 2.Richard Sussman-Continuum-Origin 3. Eric Reed-Round Midnight-The Baddest Monk-Savant 4. Gregory Generet-Angel Eyes-(Re)Generetion-Monsuier 5. Alexis Cole-In Love With Night-Sings Pepper Adams-Motema 6.Jeremy Long-Shorter Tones-In Suspens...ion-Nova 7. Chris Hazelton-Peregrination-ARC 8. Nobuki Takamen-Greenwich Village Sometimes-Three Wishes-Summit 9. Roni Ben-Hur-Afroscopic-Our Thing-Motema 10. Jeremy Kahn-Doctor Deep-Music of Pepper Adams- Motema 11.RJ & The Assignment- Suicide is Painless/Nardis-Decieving Eyes-JK Melody Music 12. Brazilian Trio-Bolivia-Constellacao-Motema 13. Alfredo Rodríguez-CuBop-Sounds From Space-Mack Avenue 14.Dan Dan Cavanagh-Matrix-The Heart of the Geyser-OA2 15.Rob Mazurek-Primitive Jupiter-Stellar Pulsations-Delmark 16. Adam Rudolph-Illuminated-Merely A Traveler-Meta 17. Fly-Brothersister-Fly-ECM 18. Claire Daly-Epilogue-Mary Joyce Project-Daly Bread 19. Eric Person- Soothes The Soul- Thoughts On God-DR 20. Arild Anderson-May Dance-Celebration-ECM 21. Amina Figarova-NYCST-Twelve-In&Out 22. Wallace Roney-Utopia-HighnoteSee More

Monday, July 30, 2012

Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures in Modern Music" for Sunday, 7/22/2012 1. Joe Chambers Moving Pictures Orchestra- Theme from M Squad- Live at Dizzy's Coca Cola - Savant 2. Kris Berg Jazz-& The Metroplexity Big Band-Softly, As in A Morning Sunrise-This Time Last Year-Mama 3. James Leary- Remember to Smile-Together-Lifeforce 4. Milton Suggs-Before It's Too Late-Lyrical Vol. 1- STM 5. Alejandro Urzagaste-In Walked Bud-Urban Intervals- 6. Dwight Trible-I've Known Rivers-Cosmic-Katalyst 7. Dudley Owens/Aaron Immanuel Wright- People Calling-Origin 8. Wayne Escoffery-The Only Son of One-Sunnyside 9. Interview w. Ben Haugland w. selections from his CD Point of No Return-Dazzle 10. Curtis Fuller-C Hip's Blues-Down Home- Capri 11. Vitaly Golovnev - Three Wishes-What Matters- Tippin 12. Ray Bailey-Favela-Tracking the Sly Fox
"What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music": Playlist - Sunday, July 8th, 2012 1. Interview w. Florian Höfner & selections from his CD "Songs Without Words" OA2 - 2. Vitaly Golovonev-Three Wishes-What Matters-Tippin Records 3. Richard Sussman-Spare Change-Continuum-Origin 4. Elliott Caine-Defiance-Hippie Chicks On Acid-Wondercap 5. Dawan Muhammad-Remember to Smile-Consider The Source-Lifeforce 6. Interview w. James Leary- w. selections from his CD "Together"-Lifeforce 7. John Tank-What Is This Thing with The Swing-Jazz Live from the Registry-OlivOr
Playlist for Tues., July 17th, 2012 - "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures in Modern Music" 1. Richard Sussman-Continuum-Origin 2. Anthony Wonsey-Xavier's Arrival-Open The Gates-CrissCross 3. Fred Lonberg-Holm-Infra Pass-Gather-Delmark 4. Josh Berman-Cloudy-There Now-Delmark 5. Fly-Western Lands-Year of the Snake-ECM 6.Billy Hart-Duchess-All Our Reasons-ECM 7. Diego Schissi-Tongos-Sunnyside 8. Guillermo Klien- Los Guachos-The Habit of Memory - Sunnyside 9. Jessica Williams-To Be-Song of Earth-Origin 10. Adam Rudolph/Ralph Jones-Wanderings- Merely a Traveler on the Cosmic Path-Meta 11. Ancestral Ressurrection Ensemble- Madness- Receiving Agape 12. Frank Fontaine-Eleventh Floor Blues-Wisdom Rising-Lifeforce 13. Christian Winther-Tune for Trane-From the Floor Up-Steeplechase 14. Calvin Keyes-Hi Fly-An Evening w. - Lifeforce 15. Milton Suggs-Armaggeddon/Ceora- Lyrical, Vol 1 16.Vitaly Golovnev-Family Plan-What Matters-Tippin 17. Ben Haugland-Lift-Point of No Return-Dazzle 18. The Brazilian Trio- Bolivia-Constelacao-Motema 19. Alan Rosenthal-3 Wheeler-Just Sayin 20. James Leary-So Far So Good-Together-Lifeforce 21. Virginia Mayhew -Medi 11 - Mary Lou Williams Project-Renma

Playlist 7/30/2012

Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music', Monday, July 30th 2012 - 1. Dr. Lonnie Smith-Beehive-The Healer-Pilgrimage 2. Larry Tamanini-Cold Duck Time-Lookin Into It-New Home 3. Pharez Whitted-Yes We Can-Transient Journey-Owl 4.Richie Vitale-Vitalogy-Gut String 5. Kevin Toney-Spacious Skies-New American Suite-KTL 6. Brian Bromberg-Coastline Drive-In The Spirit of Jobim-Artistry 7. Ron Kalima/Jim Self-The Odd Couple-Bassett Hound 8. Interview w. Walt Weiskopf with selections from his CD "Live @ Koger Hall"-Capri 9. Joe Chambers Moving Pictures Orchestra-Tu-Way-Pock-E-Way-Live-Savant 10.James Leary-Wajumbe-Together-Lifeforcejazz 11.Kris Berg Jazz-Forgotten Thoughts-This Timee Last Year-Mama 12. Alan Rosenthal-Somewhere 13. Aleks Girshevich Trio-The Other Side-Tomorrow-Carriage House 14. Avery Sharpe-Pleading for My People-Ain't I a Woman-JKNM 15. Willie Woods-Go Down Moses-Feeling The Spirit-W&W 16. Dr. Michael White-St. James Infirmary-Adventures in New Orleans Jazz, Vol 2 - Basin St. 17. Jimmy Mulidore-A Love Supreme-Jazz For All Ages-Self 18. Marty Krystall-Blood Count-Liquid Krystall Displayed-KB2 19. Frank Fontaine-Jalalabad News-Wisdom Rising-Lifeorcejazz 20.David Bixler-Arise-The Nearest Exit-Zoho 21. Milton Suggs-Before It's Too Late-STM 22.Dudley Owens/Aaron Wright-People Calling Origin

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tonight's Listening of New Releases: 1. Carol Robbins - Moraga-Jazzcats 2.Bobby Streng House Big Band-Getting Housed- 3. Diego Chissi Quintet- Tongos-Sunnyside 4. Virginia Schenck-VA- Airborne Ecstasy 5.Guillermo Klein &Los Guachos-Carrera-Sunnyside 6.Virginia Mayhew-Mary Lou Williams/The Next 100 Years-Renma 7.Deborah Shulman/Larry Zalkind-Lost In the Stars-Summit 8.Stephanie Nakasian & The Harris Simon Trio -Show Me The Way-Capri 9. Rick Davies-Salsa Nortena-Emlyn Music 10. Story City-Time & Materials- 11.Scott Cossu-Jazz, Boogie & Deja Blues-Summit

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music - Playlist for Sun. May 13th 2-4 PM 1. Interview w. Wayne Escoffery w. selections from the CD "The Only Son of One" 2. Ben Riley Quartet-Friday The 13th-Grown Folks Music-SunnySide 3. Jimmy Halperin & Dominic Duval-Countdown-Chasing Tranes-CIMP 4. John Tank-Come To Me-Jazz Live from the Registry-OlivOr 5. Milton Suggs-Fantasy in D-Thi...ngs to Come- 6. David Basse-Like Jazz-Uptown-Cafe Pacific 7.Dan Cavanagh-Londonderry Air-The Heart of the Geyser-OA2 8. Phil Bingham-Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child-Quiet Zone- 9. Chris Hazelton-Weaver of Dreams-Peregrination-Artists 10.Jason Palmer-Skylark/I Can't Help It- Here Today-Steeplechase 11. Kenny Drew- Manhattan Sunset-Crystal River-TCB 12. The Cookers -Croquet Ballet-Cast The First Stone-Harmonia Mundi 13. Houston Person-Dig-The Lion and His Pride-Muse
"What Is this Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music Playlist: May 23rd, 2012 - Noon to 3 PM. Interview and music w. Dominic Duval 1. Jimmy Halperin & Duval-Chasing Tranes-CIMP; Matthew Goodheart & Duval-Crossinags-CIMP; Undersound-w. John Heward and Joe McPhee. 2. Intervieew & music of Al Naylor- Legacy 3. Amina Figarove-NYCST-Twelve-In&Out 4. Ben Haughland- Point of No Return-Dazzle 5. Carmen Intorre, Jr - Tergeversation-For The Soul- Random Act 6 Chris Hazelton-Weaver of Dreams-Peregrination-Artists 7. Destiny Muhammad-Jazz trio -Tuesday Morning 8.Masabumi Kikuchi - So What Variations-ECM 9. Billy Hart-Ohnedaruth-All Our Reasons-ECM 10. Untempered Ensemble -A Man -Shadrack
Today's Playlist for "What Is this Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music" Sunday, may 27th, 2012 2-4 PM - 1. Ben Haugland-Point Of No Return-Dazzle 2. Amina Figarova-NYCST-Twelve-In&Out 3.Interview w. Marshall Gilkes & selections from 'Sound Stories'-Alternate Side Records 4.Kris Berg Jazz-Softly In A Morning Sunrise-This Time Next Year-Mama 5. David Basse-Like Jazz-Uptown 6. The Cookers- Believe, For its True-Believe-Motema 7. Interview w. Wallace Roney w. selections from "Home"-Highnote 8. Jeremy Long-In Suspension-Nova 9. Billy Hart-Tolli's Dance-All Our Seasons-ECM

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music April 29, 2012 - Interview w. Gunnar Mossblad and selections from "Cross Currents" 1.Boom 2. Contemplations 3. Two As One Summit 4.Wayne Escoffery-If I Am, Who Are You-The Only Son of One-Sunnyside 5. Dudley Owens/Aaron Immanuel Wright-People Calling-Origin 6.Milton Suggs-Last Goodbye-Things to Come-Skiptone 7. Kenny from the Underground-Mac Avenue 8. Interview w. Adam Rudolph w. selections from CDs - Moving Pictures & Go:Organic Orchestra- Meta 9. Todd Bishop-Mothers of the Veil-Little played little bird:The Music of Ornette Coleman-Origin 10. Florian Höfner-Uncertain Times-Songs without Words-OA2 11. Walt Weiskopf-Blues In the Day-Live at Koger Hall-Capri

Monday, May 7, 2012

Playlist for Thursday, May 3rd 2012 7-9 PM

1.Interview w. Aruan Ortiz and selections from his CD 'Santiarican Blues Suite' - Sunnyside. 2. Interview w. Marlene Rosenberg and selections from her CD Bassprint-Origin 3. Ben Powell- New Street-BP Music 4. Gerald Beckett-After The Morning-Summit 5. Dave Liebman/Nancy Reed- The Peacocks -Neighbors 6. Chris Hazelton-Weaver of Dreams-Peregrination 7.Joel Miller-Time of the Barracudas-Swim 8. David Schumacher-Freak Streak-From Another Life-Amosaya 9.Alfredo Rodríguez -Silence-Mac Avenue 10. The New World Jazz Composers Octet -Poco Picasso- Big and Phat Jazz

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Show Interview List

Jan. 22nd Sun. Larry Tamanini /Yoko Miwa/Maureen Choi Feb. 3th Fri. Ghasem Batamuntu Feb. 5th Sun. No Show Feb. 19th - Sun. Rasul Karim/Les Goodson//Nathan Brown Mar. 4th - Sun Gerry Beaudoin/Alejandro Mar. 18 - Sun -Doug Hammond/Adam Rudolph/ Apr. 1 - Sun Mark Sherman/ Ernie Krivda Apr. 3 - Tues - No Interviews Apr. 15- Sun- Johnny Padilla Apr. 24 -Tues - Dawan Muhammad

Playlist 4/24/2012

What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music Playlist for Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - I. Interview w. Dawan Muhammad AbduMuqaddim plus selections from his recordings: 2.Black Narcissus-Smoke Signal 3. The Art of the End-Consider the Source 4. Remember to Smile-Consider The Source - All on the Lifeforcejazz 5. Nancy Reed/Dave Liebman- "You Must Believe In Spring"/Vectordisc Neighbors 6.Ahmad Jamal -"Woody N You"-Blue Moon/Jazz Village 7. Dan Cavanagh-"Matrix"-The Heart of the Geyser/OA2 8.Alan Rosenthal-"Gimme Some"-Just Sayin 9.Alfredo Rodríguez-"Cu-Bop"-Sounds of Space/Quest 10.Gunnar Mossblad- "Boom"-Crosscurrent/ 11.Wayne Escoffery-"If I Am, Who Are You"-The Only Son of One-Sunnyside 12. Amit Friedman-Sunrise/Origin 13.Todd Wilson-"Strange As It Seems" Little Played Little Bird:The Music of Ornette Colem

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sun Ra Kind of Day

“Are you related to a Mr. Sonny Blount”?
Earnestly the question was asked. After-all the man looked the splitting image of the big band leader, original space cadet for all time 'Sun Ra' himself.
It'd been only several weeks prior Sun Ra left this planet in bodily form for good – as far as we knew. That day I visualized Sun Ra walking toward my direction I'd swear it was him! It was no illusion, mirage or day dream. Seeing, or rather experiencing his techno beyond this world Arkestral showcase over the years countless times – even sitting with him, stationing myself securely neath his royal feet during our 3 hour interview, listening to his other worldly tales, poetry and wild pontifications Sun Ra was an unforgettable journey.
A bright 'sunny' day it was. Approximately a half block approaching his doppelganger leisurely strolled my way. Studying his facial features and movement gave me a moment of pause.
I stopped...trying to make sense of what I was he got nearer my gaze ever intense he smiled that half smile, half sneer Sunny was know for. He was one of this world's mysteries. Right when he was within an arms distance his eyes seem to recognize mine.
“Excuse me sir”, awkwardly stammering the man stopped extending an open hand. Grasping his I asked of his relation. Plainly replying he was not in fact related claiming not to know of the famed jazz space man.
“Never heard his music”. That same spacy smile was coldly chilling.
I went on to tell him the resemblance was strikingly uncanny. Exchanging further pleasantries he did say that we 'all have a twin somewhere'.
I thought of Sunny's song, “Somewhere Out There”.
That was 1993. Fast forward to tonight...
The skies were clear. Clear enough orange tinged dusk turned patently deep dark early evening. The sight lines unencumbered I stood transfixed on that city street corner. Venus boldly affix in the western horizon hung, a bright star to the untrained eye. Less than 45 degrees left constellation Orion too stood out. It was spectacular, capturing my immediate attention. I'd just arrived home and took the time to study the sky and its unveiled majesty.
At that moment a young family, a mother with 3 children leave their home nearby. They spy me stars gazing. One of the younger children speaks,”what are you watching”?
Taken somewhat aback I turn my eyes toward them then back to the skies pointing, “Just looking at the beautiful stars in the sky tonight”.
“The brightest star in the sky is actually Venus”, I tell them. Suddenly the oldest child breaks into song, “Rocket Number 9 take off for the planet Venus – Venus”!
Aghast, I hear him repeat the line, “Rocket Number 9 take off for the planet Venus – Venus”!
Again, “Rocket Number 9 take off for the planet Venus – Venus”!
They continue past me and up the street to their destination out of eye and ear shot. Left standing there in semi shock not fully realizing what I'd just heard.
How does this child know of one of Sun Ra's signature songs?
“Rocket No. 9”.
It was a Sun Ra kind of day...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playlist for Lofton A. Emenari - “What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music” Sunday, March 18th, 2012

1.Doug Hammond – Treat For Reggie – It's Born - JPC
2.Johnny Padilla – Bright Morning – BP
3.Jim Holman – Explosion- Delmark
4.Mark Sherman – Celia – The L.A. Sessions-Miles High
5.Jason Marsalis – Seven Come Eleven – Music Update- ELM
6.David Haney – Jupiter On Tip Toes- Live from Yoshi's- Cadence
7.Heinz Geisser/Shiro Onuma – Rain of Light – Cadence
8.Interview w. Doug Hammond – Deneka's Chant (Doug Hammond 'Live' It's Now) – Idibib
9.Doug Hammond – Singing Smiles – Treat for Reggie - Idibib
10.Interview w. Adam Rudolph -
11.Adam Rudolph & Go:Organic Orchestra – Treelines – The Sound of a Dream – Meta
12.Adam Rudolph Moving Pictures – Both/And - Meta

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Playlist for Sunday, Feb. 19th, 2012

1.Jodie Christian - Lester Leaps In -Front Line 2. Gerry Beaudoin-The Return 3.Christian Tamburr-Places 4. Jason Marsalis-Characters-Music Update 5.Interview w. Nathan Brown -Richter Scale, Emily, Downtown Brown 6.Interview w. Les Goodson -Invisible Light, A Prayer for The World, Little Sunflower 7. Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio-Samba Galactica-The 11th Gate 8.Marshall Gilkes-Presence Part 1 -Sound Stories 9. Milton Suggs-Fantasy In D-Things to Come 10.Clipper Anderson-Only Child-The Road to Come
11. Lenora Helm Hammonds-Dear Lord-I Love Myself When I'm Laughing 12. Interview w Adbul Karim