Monday, July 30, 2012

Playlist for Tues., July 17th, 2012 - "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures in Modern Music" 1. Richard Sussman-Continuum-Origin 2. Anthony Wonsey-Xavier's Arrival-Open The Gates-CrissCross 3. Fred Lonberg-Holm-Infra Pass-Gather-Delmark 4. Josh Berman-Cloudy-There Now-Delmark 5. Fly-Western Lands-Year of the Snake-ECM 6.Billy Hart-Duchess-All Our Reasons-ECM 7. Diego Schissi-Tongos-Sunnyside 8. Guillermo Klien- Los Guachos-The Habit of Memory - Sunnyside 9. Jessica Williams-To Be-Song of Earth-Origin 10. Adam Rudolph/Ralph Jones-Wanderings- Merely a Traveler on the Cosmic Path-Meta 11. Ancestral Ressurrection Ensemble- Madness- Receiving Agape 12. Frank Fontaine-Eleventh Floor Blues-Wisdom Rising-Lifeforce 13. Christian Winther-Tune for Trane-From the Floor Up-Steeplechase 14. Calvin Keyes-Hi Fly-An Evening w. - Lifeforce 15. Milton Suggs-Armaggeddon/Ceora- Lyrical, Vol 1 16.Vitaly Golovnev-Family Plan-What Matters-Tippin 17. Ben Haugland-Lift-Point of No Return-Dazzle 18. The Brazilian Trio- Bolivia-Constelacao-Motema 19. Alan Rosenthal-3 Wheeler-Just Sayin 20. James Leary-So Far So Good-Together-Lifeforce 21. Virginia Mayhew -Medi 11 - Mary Lou Williams Project-Renma

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