Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interviews for 2012

Interviews for the Year 2012 Jan. 22nd Sun. Larry Tamanini /Yoko Miwa/Maureen Choi Feb. 3th Fri. Ghasem Batamuntu Feb. 5th Sun. No Show Feb. 19th - Sun. Rasul Karim/Les Goodson//Nathan Brown Mar. 4th - Sun Gerry Beaudoin/Alejandro Mar. 18 - Sun -Doug Hammond/Adam Rudolph/ Apr. 1 - Sun Mark Sherman/ Ernie Krivda Apr. 3 - Tues - No Interviews Apr. 15- Sun- Johnny Padilla Apr. 24 -Tues - Dawan Muhammad Apr 29 - Sun -Adam Rudolph/Gunnar Mossblad May 3 - Thurs - Aruan Ortiz/Marlene Rosenberg/ Joel Miller (No Show) May 13 - Sun - Wayne Escoffery May 23- Wed- Noon-3 PM -Dominic Duval/ Al Naylor May 27 - Sun- Marshall Gilkes/Wallace Roney June10 - Sun- Nancy Reed/Dennis Rollins/Keith Loftus June 12 - Tues- Eric Reed/Todd Bishop June 21 - Thurs- Destiny Muhammad/Carol Robbins June 24 -Sun- Dan Cavanaugh/Avery Sharpe July 8-Sun- Florian Hoefner/ James Leary July 19-Thurs-Milton Suggs/C.Siddha Webber July 22-Sun-Ben Haugland July 30- Mon-Walt Weiskopf/Ken Chaney Aug 3 - Fri- Randal Maurice Jelks/Min Michael Muhammad Aug 5 OFF DAY Aug 6 9-Noon- No Interviews Aug 19 Sun -Alan Rosenthal/Richard Sussman Aug 29 Wed /Eric Vaughn Sept 2 Sun- Kris Berg/Marty Krystall Sept.3 Mon- Margaret Murphy Sept. 10 Mon- All Music Sept 16 Sun-Skip Norris/Joanie Pallato& Sparrow Sept 17- Mon- Eric Person/Dudley Owens Sept 21 Fri Atheists/Scientology (Ayanna Watson/Ishmael Bey) Sept 25 Tues - Christopher McBride/Bernie Senensky Sept 30 Sun- Daniel Ian Smith/Lee Smith Oct 14 Sun- Brian Charette/G. Calvin Weston

Playlist for 8/29/2012

I would like to thank my guest pianist Eric Vaughn for great interview Wed. night...Playlist for 'What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music" 1. Interview with Eric Vaughn - and selections from his CD "Minor Relocation" 2. Marquis Hill-Inner Ciy Blues-MH Music 3. Smithology- Apple Minor Blues- The Tender Touch- Intimate Contact 4. Stan Hope-R.D.'s Blues- Put On a Happy Face-Savant 5. Yoron Israel -Another Star-High Standards- YI 6. Chico Freeman-Think On Me- Elvin - Jive 7. Willis Jackson & Von Freeman-POW- Locking Horns- 32 Jazz 8. Yusef Lateef & Von Freeman - Swing Lee- Tenors - YAL 9. Chico Freeman & Von Freeman- Softly As In a Morning Sunrise-Live at the Bluenote-

Playlist for 9/24/2012

Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music" - Tues. Sept. 24, 2012 1. Interview w. Christopher McBride & selections from his CD, "Quatour De Force" 2. Brian Charette-Computer God-Music for Organ Sextette-Steeplechase 3. Marty Krystall-Blood Count-Liquid Krystall Displayed-K2B2 4. Andrea Brachfeld- Hurricane- Lady of the Island-Zoho 5. Carol Robbins- Straight Away-Moraga-Jazzcats 6. Interview w. Bernie Senensky w. selections from his CD "Invitation"-PM 7. Lee Smith-Front & Center- Sittin' On a Secret-LS Music 8.Clifton Anderson-Mitsuru-And so We carry On-Daywood Drive 9. David Weiss & Point of Departure-Revillot-Snuck Out-Sunnyside

Playlist for 9/17/2012

Playlist for 9/17/2012 1 Interview w. Eric Person and selections from his CD, "Thoughts On God"- Distinction; 2. Curtis Fuller-C Hip's Blues-Down Home-Capri 3. Charles Davis- All Stars-A Tribute to Kenny Dorham-Sao Paolo-Live-TCB 4. Gerry Bea...udoin-The Return-Francesca 5. Nobuki Takamen-Greenwich Village Sometimes-Summit 6.Jon Hamar-Giant Steps/It Could Happen To You-Hymn-Origin. 7. Vincente Vicente Espi Nieto-Liberia-Tras Coltrane-Fresh New Sounds. 8. Rob Mazurek-Spiritual Mars-Stellar Pulsations-Delmark 9.Amina Figarova-Shut Eyes, Sea Waves-Twelve-In & Out 10. Daniel Ian Smith & The New World Composers Octet-Wishful Thinking-Breaking News-Big & Phat Jazz. 11.The Cookers-Ebony Moonbeams-Believe-Motema 12. Dudley Owens/Aaron Immanuel Wright-People Calling-Origin w. an Interview with Dudley Owens. 13. Mark Sherman-Far Away-THe L.A. Sessions-Miles High 14.Joy Road Sampler-Jeremy Khan-Dr. Deep-Motema 15.Yoron Israel-Another Star-Visions-Ronja Music 16. Nathan Brown-Burglar Alarm-Luminescent-Brownbass

Playlist for 9/21/2012

Tonight's Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures in Modern Music"; Fri.Sept. 21, 2012 1. Roger Davidson-Yesterdays-We Remember Helen-Soundbrush 2. Bernie Senensky-Blues For EJ-Invitation-PM Records 3. Marquis Hill-Inner City Blues-Sounds of the City MH Music 4. Jazz Four-Speak Low-Vol. 1- BlueRay 5. Andrea Brachfeld-Eye of the Hurricane-Lady of the Island-Zoho 6. Joe Blessett-Changing Everything-JB Music 7. Kat Parra-Nature Boy-las aventuras de pasion-JazzMa 8. Jose Negroni & Trio- Matices-AA Records 9. Ed Byrnes' Latin Jazz Evolution-Conquistador-Bluetruffle 10. Willie Woods-Go Down Moses-W&W 11.Carol Robbins-Buddy's Bite-Jazz Play-Jazzcats

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music" Top Recordings of the Year 2012 20. Jason Stein-The Story This Time- Delmark 19. Yoko Miwa-Live at Scullers-Yoko 18. Keith Loftis-Simply, Loftis-Lont Ton Music 18. Jimmy Halperin & Dominic Duval- Changing Tranes- CIMP 17. Todd Bishop-little played little Bird/The Music of Ornette Coleman-Origin 16.Dave Liebman/Nancy Reed-Neighbors-Vectordisc 15. Ernie Krivda-Blues For Pekar-Capri 14.Larry Vuckovich-Somethin' Special-Tetrachord Music 13. Maureen Choi- Quartet-MC 12. Alejandro Urzagaste-Urban Intervals- AU 11. Hendrik Meurkens-Live @ Bird's Eye-Zoho
"What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music" Top Ten Jazz Recordings of the Year.....10. Mark Colby-Yesterday's Gardenias-RCI 9. Dave Liebman Trio-Lieb Plays The Blues A La Trane- Daybreak 8.Ben Ben Haugland-Point of No Return-Dazzle 7. Wayne Escoffery-The only Son of One-Sunnyside 6. Wallace Roney-Home-Highnote 5. Stacey Kent-Dreamer In Concert-Bluenote 4. James Leary-Together-Lifeforcejazz 3. Kris Berg Jazz-This Time Last Year-MAMA 2. Joe Chambers Moving Pictures Orchestra-Live Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola-Savant And the No. 1 Recordings of the Year were split by Richard Sussman -Continuum-Origin and Eric Reed- The Baddest Monk-Savant.
Playlist for "What Is This This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures In Modern Music" Monday, Sept. 3rd 1. Tia Fuller-Royston Rumble-Mack St. 2. Native Soul-The Gathering 2 -American Showcase 3. Chico Freeman-Elvin-The Elvin Jones Project-Jive 4. Yoron Israel-Another Star-Visions-RJMC 5. Dr. Lonnie Smith-Mellow Mood-The Healer-Pilgrimage 6. Lionel Louke-Tribal Dance-Heritage-Bluenote 7.Milton Its Too Late-Lyrical-STM 8. Bill Anschell-All Blues-Origin 9.Eric Vaughn-Minor Relocation-Vaughn Music 10. Alan Rosenthal-Gimme Some-Just Sayin-AR 11. Cheryl Bentyne-Love For Sale-Let's Misbehave-Summit 12. Gregory Generet-Angel Eyes-Re-Generation-Monsieur 13. David Basse-The Blues Don't Care-Uptown-Cafe pacific 14. Margaret Murphy-Webb-Stolen Moments-In Full Bloom-Earth Tone 15. Stan Hope-Put On A Happy Face-Savant 16. Eric Person-Creation Celebration-Thoughts On God-Distinction 17. Avery Sharpe- NYC 1800-Sojourner Truth-JKNM 18. Rob Mazurek-Primitive jupiter-Pulsar Quartet-Delmark 19. Vlatkovich Tryyo- Our Costumes-phMentum 20. Billy Hart-Tolli's Dance-All Our Reasons-ECM 21.Klang-Blues Jay-Brooklyn Lines, Chicago Spaces-IC 22. Dudley Owens/Aaron Immanuel Wright- People Calling-Origin 23. Marquis Hill-Like Lee-Sounds of The City--Hill Music 24. Vitaly Golovnov-Brown Waltz-What Matters-Tippin 25. Richie Vitaly-Eulogy for Freddie- Vitalogy-Gut String 26. Elliott Caine-Defiance-Hippie Chicks On Acid-Wondercap 27. Jimmy Mulidore-A Time For Love-Jazz For The Ages- JM
Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures In Modern Music" Mon., 9/10/2010 - 9 AM- Noon 1. Tia Fuller-Royston Rumble-Angelic Warrior- Mack Ave 2.Richard Sussman-Continuum-Origin 3. Eric Reed-Round Midnight-The Baddest Monk-Savant 4. Gregory Generet-Angel Eyes-(Re)Generetion-Monsuier 5. Alexis Cole-In Love With Night-Sings Pepper Adams-Motema 6.Jeremy Long-Shorter Tones-In Suspens...ion-Nova 7. Chris Hazelton-Peregrination-ARC 8. Nobuki Takamen-Greenwich Village Sometimes-Three Wishes-Summit 9. Roni Ben-Hur-Afroscopic-Our Thing-Motema 10. Jeremy Kahn-Doctor Deep-Music of Pepper Adams- Motema 11.RJ & The Assignment- Suicide is Painless/Nardis-Decieving Eyes-JK Melody Music 12. Brazilian Trio-Bolivia-Constellacao-Motema 13. Alfredo Rodríguez-CuBop-Sounds From Space-Mack Avenue 14.Dan Dan Cavanagh-Matrix-The Heart of the Geyser-OA2 15.Rob Mazurek-Primitive Jupiter-Stellar Pulsations-Delmark 16. Adam Rudolph-Illuminated-Merely A Traveler-Meta 17. Fly-Brothersister-Fly-ECM 18. Claire Daly-Epilogue-Mary Joyce Project-Daly Bread 19. Eric Person- Soothes The Soul- Thoughts On God-DR 20. Arild Anderson-May Dance-Celebration-ECM 21. Amina Figarova-NYCST-Twelve-In&Out 22. Wallace Roney-Utopia-HighnoteSee More