Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playlist for "What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures In Modern Music" Mon., 9/10/2010 - 9 AM- Noon 1. Tia Fuller-Royston Rumble-Angelic Warrior- Mack Ave 2.Richard Sussman-Continuum-Origin 3. Eric Reed-Round Midnight-The Baddest Monk-Savant 4. Gregory Generet-Angel Eyes-(Re)Generetion-Monsuier 5. Alexis Cole-In Love With Night-Sings Pepper Adams-Motema 6.Jeremy Long-Shorter Tones-In Suspens...ion-Nova 7. Chris Hazelton-Peregrination-ARC 8. Nobuki Takamen-Greenwich Village Sometimes-Three Wishes-Summit 9. Roni Ben-Hur-Afroscopic-Our Thing-Motema 10. Jeremy Kahn-Doctor Deep-Music of Pepper Adams- Motema 11.RJ & The Assignment- Suicide is Painless/Nardis-Decieving Eyes-JK Melody Music 12. Brazilian Trio-Bolivia-Constellacao-Motema 13. Alfredo Rodríguez-CuBop-Sounds From Space-Mack Avenue 14.Dan Dan Cavanagh-Matrix-The Heart of the Geyser-OA2 15.Rob Mazurek-Primitive Jupiter-Stellar Pulsations-Delmark 16. Adam Rudolph-Illuminated-Merely A Traveler-Meta 17. Fly-Brothersister-Fly-ECM 18. Claire Daly-Epilogue-Mary Joyce Project-Daly Bread 19. Eric Person- Soothes The Soul- Thoughts On God-DR 20. Arild Anderson-May Dance-Celebration-ECM 21. Amina Figarova-NYCST-Twelve-In&Out 22. Wallace Roney-Utopia-HighnoteSee More

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