Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music" Top Recordings of the Year 2012 20. Jason Stein-The Story This Time- Delmark 19. Yoko Miwa-Live at Scullers-Yoko 18. Keith Loftis-Simply, Loftis-Lont Ton Music 18. Jimmy Halperin & Dominic Duval- Changing Tranes- CIMP 17. Todd Bishop-little played little Bird/The Music of Ornette Coleman-Origin 16.Dave Liebman/Nancy Reed-Neighbors-Vectordisc 15. Ernie Krivda-Blues For Pekar-Capri 14.Larry Vuckovich-Somethin' Special-Tetrachord Music 13. Maureen Choi- Quartet-MC 12. Alejandro Urzagaste-Urban Intervals- AU 11. Hendrik Meurkens-Live @ Bird's Eye-Zoho

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