Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"What Is This Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music" Top Ten Jazz Recordings of the Year.....10. Mark Colby-Yesterday's Gardenias-RCI 9. Dave Liebman Trio-Lieb Plays The Blues A La Trane- Daybreak 8.Ben Ben Haugland-Point of No Return-Dazzle 7. Wayne Escoffery-The only Son of One-Sunnyside 6. Wallace Roney-Home-Highnote 5. Stacey Kent-Dreamer In Concert-Bluenote 4. James Leary-Together-Lifeforcejazz 3. Kris Berg Jazz-This Time Last Year-MAMA 2. Joe Chambers Moving Pictures Orchestra-Live Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola-Savant And the No. 1 Recordings of the Year were split by Richard Sussman -Continuum-Origin and Eric Reed- The Baddest Monk-Savant.

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