Monday, April 9, 2012

Sun Ra Kind of Day

“Are you related to a Mr. Sonny Blount”?
Earnestly the question was asked. After-all the man looked the splitting image of the big band leader, original space cadet for all time 'Sun Ra' himself.
It'd been only several weeks prior Sun Ra left this planet in bodily form for good – as far as we knew. That day I visualized Sun Ra walking toward my direction I'd swear it was him! It was no illusion, mirage or day dream. Seeing, or rather experiencing his techno beyond this world Arkestral showcase over the years countless times – even sitting with him, stationing myself securely neath his royal feet during our 3 hour interview, listening to his other worldly tales, poetry and wild pontifications Sun Ra was an unforgettable journey.
A bright 'sunny' day it was. Approximately a half block approaching his doppelganger leisurely strolled my way. Studying his facial features and movement gave me a moment of pause.
I stopped...trying to make sense of what I was he got nearer my gaze ever intense he smiled that half smile, half sneer Sunny was know for. He was one of this world's mysteries. Right when he was within an arms distance his eyes seem to recognize mine.
“Excuse me sir”, awkwardly stammering the man stopped extending an open hand. Grasping his I asked of his relation. Plainly replying he was not in fact related claiming not to know of the famed jazz space man.
“Never heard his music”. That same spacy smile was coldly chilling.
I went on to tell him the resemblance was strikingly uncanny. Exchanging further pleasantries he did say that we 'all have a twin somewhere'.
I thought of Sunny's song, “Somewhere Out There”.
That was 1993. Fast forward to tonight...
The skies were clear. Clear enough orange tinged dusk turned patently deep dark early evening. The sight lines unencumbered I stood transfixed on that city street corner. Venus boldly affix in the western horizon hung, a bright star to the untrained eye. Less than 45 degrees left constellation Orion too stood out. It was spectacular, capturing my immediate attention. I'd just arrived home and took the time to study the sky and its unveiled majesty.
At that moment a young family, a mother with 3 children leave their home nearby. They spy me stars gazing. One of the younger children speaks,”what are you watching”?
Taken somewhat aback I turn my eyes toward them then back to the skies pointing, “Just looking at the beautiful stars in the sky tonight”.
“The brightest star in the sky is actually Venus”, I tell them. Suddenly the oldest child breaks into song, “Rocket Number 9 take off for the planet Venus – Venus”!
Aghast, I hear him repeat the line, “Rocket Number 9 take off for the planet Venus – Venus”!
Again, “Rocket Number 9 take off for the planet Venus – Venus”!
They continue past me and up the street to their destination out of eye and ear shot. Left standing there in semi shock not fully realizing what I'd just heard.
How does this child know of one of Sun Ra's signature songs?
“Rocket No. 9”.
It was a Sun Ra kind of day...