Monday, May 7, 2012

Playlist for Thursday, May 3rd 2012 7-9 PM

1.Interview w. Aruan Ortiz and selections from his CD 'Santiarican Blues Suite' - Sunnyside. 2. Interview w. Marlene Rosenberg and selections from her CD Bassprint-Origin 3. Ben Powell- New Street-BP Music 4. Gerald Beckett-After The Morning-Summit 5. Dave Liebman/Nancy Reed- The Peacocks -Neighbors 6. Chris Hazelton-Weaver of Dreams-Peregrination 7.Joel Miller-Time of the Barracudas-Swim 8. David Schumacher-Freak Streak-From Another Life-Amosaya 9.Alfredo Rodríguez -Silence-Mac Avenue 10. The New World Jazz Composers Octet -Poco Picasso- Big and Phat Jazz