Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Is This Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music - Playlist for Sun. May 13th 2-4 PM 1. Interview w. Wayne Escoffery w. selections from the CD "The Only Son of One" 2. Ben Riley Quartet-Friday The 13th-Grown Folks Music-SunnySide 3. Jimmy Halperin & Dominic Duval-Countdown-Chasing Tranes-CIMP 4. John Tank-Come To Me-Jazz Live from the Registry-OlivOr 5. Milton Suggs-Fantasy in D-Thi...ngs to Come- 6. David Basse-Like Jazz-Uptown-Cafe Pacific 7.Dan Cavanagh-Londonderry Air-The Heart of the Geyser-OA2 8. Phil Bingham-Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child-Quiet Zone- 9. Chris Hazelton-Weaver of Dreams-Peregrination-Artists 10.Jason Palmer-Skylark/I Can't Help It- Here Today-Steeplechase 11. Kenny Drew- Manhattan Sunset-Crystal River-TCB 12. The Cookers -Croquet Ballet-Cast The First Stone-Harmonia Mundi 13. Houston Person-Dig-The Lion and His Pride-Muse
"What Is this Thing Called Jazz: Adventures in Modern Music Playlist: May 23rd, 2012 - Noon to 3 PM. Interview and music w. Dominic Duval 1. Jimmy Halperin & Duval-Chasing Tranes-CIMP; Matthew Goodheart & Duval-Crossinags-CIMP; Undersound-w. John Heward and Joe McPhee. 2. Intervieew & music of Al Naylor- Legacy 3. Amina Figarove-NYCST-Twelve-In&Out 4. Ben Haughland- Point of No Return-Dazzle 5. Carmen Intorre, Jr - Tergeversation-For The Soul- Random Act 6 Chris Hazelton-Weaver of Dreams-Peregrination-Artists 7. Destiny Muhammad-Jazz trio -Tuesday Morning 8.Masabumi Kikuchi - So What Variations-ECM 9. Billy Hart-Ohnedaruth-All Our Reasons-ECM 10. Untempered Ensemble -A Man -Shadrack
Today's Playlist for "What Is this Thing Called Jazz:Adventures In Modern Music" Sunday, may 27th, 2012 2-4 PM - 1. Ben Haugland-Point Of No Return-Dazzle 2. Amina Figarova-NYCST-Twelve-In&Out 3.Interview w. Marshall Gilkes & selections from 'Sound Stories'-Alternate Side Records 4.Kris Berg Jazz-Softly In A Morning Sunrise-This Time Next Year-Mama 5. David Basse-Like Jazz-Uptown 6. The Cookers- Believe, For its True-Believe-Motema 7. Interview w. Wallace Roney w. selections from "Home"-Highnote 8. Jeremy Long-In Suspension-Nova 9. Billy Hart-Tolli's Dance-All Our Seasons-ECM